root@ayofishr:~# whoami

I'm a linux nerd turned infrastructure engineer with 4 years of experience. Prior to that, I was a full stack developer for 5 years (Node.js/Python and Go)

Over the years, I've worked in both England and France, for development studios, startups, consulting firms and myself.

Other than that, I stream live coding on my twitch channel, where I build most of the fun projects mentioned below (and on GitLab)

root@ayofishr:~# cat /home/fishr/certs

These are the tech/cloud certifications I have completed.

  • * AWS Solutions Architect Associate - (May 2023) - Badge
  • * AWS Certified Developer Associate - (Jan 2023) - Badge
  • * Certified Kubernetes Administrator - (December 2022) - Badge
  • * Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - (November 2022) - Badge

root@ayofishr:~# ls /home/fishr/projects

The following is a list of projects I've launched or am currently maintaining.


    Link-in-bio for engineers. Minimal. Bloatless. Try it.


    The funniest REST API on the web. Fully Serverless. Built on AWS.

  • wofl

    Read your IRC twitch chat directly in the terminal.

  • wintermute

    A fully featured dev environment on EC2. Powered by ansible and terraform.

  • benzema

    A python library to manipulate bencode strings.

root@ayofishr:~# cat ~/skills.txt

Below is a non exhaustive list of the languages/tools I use in my work:

  • Golang
  • Python
  • Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • (P)React
  • PostgreSQL
  • ArgoCD
  • Redis
  • Vagrant
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker/Compose
  • Ansible
  • Linux Admin
  • Gitlab CI

root@ayofishr:~# cat ~/gear.txt

I'm basically a unixporn normie which means I do all of my work on a used thinkpad X250 running arch linux with a custom dwm rice, dmenu and anime wallpapers.

UPDATE 2022: this is no longer the case. I now use a MacBook Pro with vagrant. I know, principles.

UPDATE 2023: I've ascended to the realm of the cloud. My dev environment in now on EC2. It's called wintermute. (See details above)